Why Coach Led Warm-Ups?

At StoneCutter, warmups, preparation, and mobility are a key component of everything we do. There are a few key concepts that are important to incorporate in every warm up in our group classes. A good warm up will increase the core temperature and prime the body’s systems for high intensity work. During an effective warm […]

How Much Time Do We Have? Not a lot

Recently I have been intensely and painfully reminded of simple fact of life. That fact is the answer to a very simple question. How much time do we have left? The answer…not a lot. Whether it is the time left in the Open workout or season, our family, our life work/purpose, or the day in […]


Here is the greatest secret to success and catching whatever your wild rabbit is. And its cliché as heck, but it’s the truth. PATIENCE. I am fully, 100%, no-doubt-about-it projecting when I say, patience is of the utmost importance. I don’t have patience. Not an ounce of it. But, if you or I, or anyone […]

It is Supposed to be Hard – 12.4.17

When your deciding what for you is really worth chasing in life, it’s critical to remember a simple idea. “The hard thing” is, by nature, hard. Before you roll your eyes, realize that this isn’t a just a platitude. In fact, awareness to the difficulty of trying to realize a dream or far fetched goal […]

What is the Ideal Athlete?

One of my mentors once spoke about his “ideal athlete”. This hypothetical athlete would join his gym and train just two or three days per week as a beginner. With time, he\she would see remarkable mental and fitness gains, learn how to move and think, and eventually set higher goals and increase their volume and […]

10.14.17 – Work Worth Doing

Last year about this time I was talking with a colleague about a major problem we were trying to solve with one of my Fortune 500 clients. I remember during that conversation wondering for the millionth time in my career what the heck the point was behind what I was doing and who I was […]

10.8.17 – The Pursuit that has no end

Have you ever started something with no end? I guess there are other examples, but I think this training scenario that is truly endless is rare. You see, normally you set out to do something for a specific end goal. For example, we can hire a contractor and go through numerous evolutions of planning and […]

StoneCutter Weightlifting – Try Weightlifting Day 2017

In partnership with USA Weightlifting clubs around the country are participating in Try Weightlifting for Free Day!  At CrossFit StoneCutter, StoneCutter Weightlifting is supporting this important event and will be open from 9-5 p.m. April 22, 2017 to support this effort to raise awareness about the benefits, development path, and opportunities that the sport of […]