Our competition programming and classes at CrossFit StoneCutter are designed for those who wish to compete at a high level during the CrossFit Open and in any functional fitness sporting event. This program is based on our “Open” track.

Top athletes in this (or any) sport must have Strength, Skills, Conditioning, Mobility, and a very strong mental game.  As a competitive athlete your goal is to be improving all five constantly.  If you have a serious weakness in one area it must be addressed until it is a strength if you wish to compete at any level with success and proficiency.

  • Conditioning – This is the “Sport of Fitness”, and we define fitness as work capacity.  Do you have the conditioning and stamina to move quickly regardless how light or heavy the task is, and regardless of how long the effort may take?
  • Strength – The sport of CrossFit rewards strong athletes.  The average Games Athletes are on par with some of the strongest athletes in the world.
  • Skills – Few aspects of the sport separate the good from the great more than their skills.  Work capacity and strength are certainly vital pieces to success, but it doesn’t matter how strong you are (500# dead lift), how well conditioned you are (5:00 mile), or how many burpees and squats you can do – if you cannot execute large sets of muscle ups, HSPU, pistols, double unders, butterfly pull ups, Handstand walking, etc…  If you don’t master the tough skills you are going to be stopped in your tracks in a competition.
  • Mobility – will help you move efficiently.  This is critical and will allow you to train with greater volume and prevent injury. This is this most ingored component by many competitive athletes.
  • Mental Game – Are you a “Game-Day Athlete”?  Thriving under pressure.  Using the nerves and adrenaline to improve performance.  Focusing on what you can control and ignoring the noise.  Lots of athletes put up big numbers in their gym, but can’t perform on the big stage.  This is a mental issue and it’s something that needs to be worked on every day.

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