Wednesday 11.29.17

EMOM 10, Alternating:
40 seconds on, 20 seconds off:
Sumo Deadlifts
Dimmel Deadlifts and Barbell Rows
2 sets to failure
Hammer Curls and Air Squats
2 sets to failure

Shoulder\Lat Stability Instruction

Rx\L1\L2 – See Notes Below

Stability and durability are the name of the game today. We are not concerned with score, only quality movement and building a based of good joints and solid internal and external torque.

Dimmel Deadlifts – use a weight that will allow you to achieve 15+ reps
Grab 2 dumbbells or Kettlebells. Start about mid shin and do a partial deadlift to about mid-thigh. Don’t fully
lock out on top. Focus on keeping IT on all the time. This is Internal Torque so you should NOT feel your
lumbar spine at all. We want you to focus on your external obliques (and transverse).

Air Squats – 120 seconds max effort
Sounds simple and hurts like hell. Start off with a solid pace and try to maintain it throughout the entire time.
Try to find a smooth breathing pattern and a solid pace.
Key points are:
External obliques all the way.
Make sure you use your glutes to the max at the top to extend your hips. No need for violently throwing
your torso back though. So shoulders stay slightly in front of the hips with your booty squeezed to
the max.
Smooth rhythm.

Hammer Curls
Go to failure. Find a weight that you can do for at least 12 reps. Find a wall or pole to lean against and
focus on internal torque here. As you are curling, make sure you bring the weight to your armpit. Make sure
external obliques are active and you are using short head of the bicep along with pec major at full

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