At CrossFit StoneCutter we will develop and implement career and sport specific conditioning programs for all levels of athlete and teams.

The athlete development program is designed for athletes 13+. The goal is to prepare athletes for competition by focusing on prehab, performance, and train specific energy systems. Strength training is general and programmed to develop the athlete as a whole in ANY SPORT.

The programs go through the following:

– Specific movement screen tests with each athlete to establish mobility/stability limitations and give the correct fixes to make sure the athletes can first move correctly. We believe proper form is essential for the athlete(s) to achieve maximal performance.

– Following the movement screen tests, they will go through different testers to establish where they fall on the line of the athletic spectrum (absolute strength, strength speed, speed strength, speed endurance, absolute endurance).

– From here we will build out a specific training plan for the athlete(s) based around these findings.

– The athlete(s) will go through a career or sport specific periodization plan to prepare them for their target goals. We will start with proper balance and movement during the accumulation phase. From there we will progress to more specific training for their sport around their absolute strength, strength speed, anaerobic alactate power, lactate endurance, local muscular endurance and their anaerobic threshold.

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