StoneCutter Coaches Development Program


As StoneCutter has grown over the last two years, so has the knowledge and experience of our student body. While our elite fitness training programs provides tremendous opportunity for the growth and development of an athlete, it does not address the next step in the process – teaching. We have created the framework for people interested in taking this next step and to ensure that our community of athletes has leaders that have trained and are constantly learning and serving the community. This is a highly selective and rigorous process. Completion and graduation are not guaranteed.

The coach development program at StoneCutter is organic – it does not run on specific dates, as we often tailor the program to the interns’ schedules, abilities, and readiness to coach. This program does not typically work well for students or people looking to accomplish the whole thing in a rigid time frame or as something to compliment outside interests. We are looking for people who are passionate and committed to the CrossFit StoneCutter community.

Goals of the StoneCutter Coaches Development Program:

To provide our membership body with the opportunity to further their growth as an athlete and leader by becoming a StoneCutter Instructor (Note: This in no way takes the place of a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course)

To create a core group of coachesthat is both knowledgeable and proficient in the instruction of training movements and capable of providing teaching experience that is fun and valuable while adhering to the core values of StoneCutter

If you are interested in applying, please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected] and we will contact you when the next round of interviews begin.

Application Process and Prerequisites

  1. Must be a StoneCutter Member for 3 Months
  2. Write a “Letter of Intent” – This letter/essay does not need to be long, but it should be from the heart. 1000 words is a good target. (This IS a requirement and may be used to determine your eligibility for participation in the program.)
    1. What do the core values of StoneCutter mean to you?
    2. What does training mean to you?
    3. Why do you want to be an instructor?
    4. Why would someone want you to be their coach?
    5. What is your background (include all): education, profession, sports, and fitness?
    6. What are your strengths & weaknesses?
  1. Must be a member in good standing, has demonstrated they hold the core values, and has demonstrated an ability to work with and serve others.
  2. **Note: Completing the application in no way obligates you to being accepted as a full or part time intern at StoneCutter. It also does not guarantee you a position as a regular instructor in the schedule.


Participation and Completion Requirements


  1. Required shadowing/assistant coaching hours: 800 hours

This will primarily involve shadowing group classes, 1-on-1s, and Basics Classes. Interns are required to keep detailed records of their hours (which classes and which coaches they shadowed) and balance their time between the different coaches. Monthly check-ins with our Head Coach Joshua Wilson are required. The internship is largely self-directed and we seek out individuals who can take initiative, are excited, and are ready to learn.



  1. Minimum Additional Coursework Required to Coach


Crossfit Level 1 Certification


  1. Membership


During the time that you are an intern, you will continue to maintain an unlimited membership


  1. Assistant Coach – 2 Class minimum per week

We will let you know which classes each week are available for assisting, and the one you select will become your committed time slot. Your responsibility is to show up and assist the coach, and practice teaching various elements of class. This coach is your coaching “mentor.”


  1. Testing

Scheduling a level test is your responsibility and may come at any time once you’ve entered into the program. You are not required to spend a certain amount of time at a level – tests may be scheduled in rapid succession, if you are ready. You must pass to move on. However, each successive re-test or re-submission of a written or practical test, if required, can only be done every 45 days. You must complete Level Tests within the timeline outlined by the head coach when you are accepted into the program. If not, we will consider your internship lapsed, and you will have to re-enter the process.

**Note: Completing the internship program in no way obligates you to being accepted as a full or part time coach at StoneCutter. It also does not guarantee you a position as a regular instructor in the schedule.