How are our CrossFit Programs structured?

We create the overarching training plan using our programming method. From there, we alter this plan as needed for all three tracks, purely based on the goals and abilities of the athlete. Our custom 1 on 1 versions of these programs take this even further. This is not three separate programs – it’s simply three variations of the program with your goals in mind.

What is the GPP Program? Who should use it?

Our General Physical Preparedness program is the meat and potatoes of CrossFit StoneCutter.

General Physical Preparedness (GPP), which in our case is CrossFit, is designed to build the most broad, general, inclusive fitness possible. It says fitness isn’t what you look like; it’s what your capable of. While you will improve steadily year over year in your fitness, this is not designed for people looking to compete in local or online CrossFit competitions.

This is for everyone, regardless of your age, weight, injuries, abilities, etc.

We pride ourselves on being a fully scalable strength and conditioning program. Those looking to look better naked, lose body fat, maintain lean muscle-mass, and improve quality of life are the right fit for this program. You must also be eager to learn and take on new and challenging movements and workouts,

We believe everyone should train like an athlete. All you’ve got to do is show up. Governed by measurable performance and sound nutrition principles, we can help athletes look, feel, and perform better. Period.

What is the Performance Program? Who should use it?

The performance program is for those who want to become better at a sport outside the gym (football, golf, baseball, etc.) or prepare for a specific career (Special Forces, Police, Fire, etc.). The goal is to prepare athletes for their sport/career by focusing on prehab, performance, and training specific energy systems.

Strength training is general and programmed to develop the athlete as whole in ANY SPORT. These athletes need to be excited to be challenged every day inside the workouts. While fitness will improve incrementally annually according the plan and is designed to move the needle between seasons or deployment, it is not looking to specifically compete in local or online CrossFit competitions.

What is the Open Program? Who should take it?

This program is for those athletes looking to train for the CrossFit Games Open. This track is geared towards the goal of improving one’s scores on the competitive stage, training with specific movements and weights that are seen in competition. Those athletes that take this program are focused on maximizing their abilities specifically as it relates to the Sport of CrossFit. This is designed for people looking to compete in local or online CrossFit competitions and extreme functional fitness sports.